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ORIGINAL LISHI - MAZ24R-2020 / 10-Cut / 2-In-1 Pick & Decoder - AG

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15207 Weight:0.096Kg

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Product Specification
Manufacturer Lishi
Weight 0.096 Kg
ORIGINAL LISHI - MAZ24R-2020 / 10-Cut / 2-In-1 Pick & Decoder - AG

Some Mazda vehicles manufactured from 2020 on, utilize a covered door lock. In fact, not only is the lock covered but the door handle will obscure the lock so that it can not be picked and decoded by the existing MAZ24R. This is because the door handle interferes with the tool’s rotation when picking.

The MAZ24R-2020 tool is designed so that portions of the reading panel have been removed to allow the tool to rotate around the door handle. This new design means that you will be able to pick and decode Mazda vehicles that have door locks that are obscured by their door handles.

It is a stainless steel automatic unlocking tool that is designed to pick and decode auto door locks. Also, it is a perfect choice for a professional locksmith to use because the job can be easily completed within 3 minutes.


  • Type: 2-in-1 pick & Decoder Tool
  • Keyway: MAZ24R
  • Cross Reference: MAZ24R-2020
  • For: Mazda Vehicles
  • Tool Spaces: 1-10
  • Anti-Glare: Yes
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